In this Moment


In this moment, we are focused on our faith. We see ashes on foreheads, friends giving up meat, drinks and all types of things to express their faith in the death and resurrection of Jesus. Palm Sunday, Good Friday and Easter are just around the corner. It is a time of year where we think about life and death. We seek to focus on eternity and what that means to us. Churches are getting ready for the big events of the year. But they may not be able to have service.

In this moment we are also thinking about the Coronavirus, our loved ones and how this may affect our lives. For many of us this is a time about life and death related to what is happening in the world. Everyday the number of sick people and deaths go up. It can’t help but have you lean on your faith, pray.

In this moment while we are washing our hands and listening hard for what to do to avoid the virus, we can trust that our God is listening to the prayers of his people. We can trust Jesus knows about the Coronavirus. We can take comfort in Him and  have peace in this moment. Even though it can be a scary thought, and we don’t know why this happening, God is with us. Keep singing the song, “Christ the Lord is risen today, Hallelujah.” A risen Christ has the whole world in his hand.

As you focus on your faith during this Holy time pray God’s peace for the world. Pray against the Coronavirus and for healing in the world. But most of all know that God is with you “And now, O Lord, hear their threats, and give us, your servants, great boldness in preaching your word. Stretch out your hand with healing power; may miraculous signs and wonders be done through the name of your holy servant Jesus.” Acts  4:29-30 NLT.

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