Release the Grip of Doubt in this New Year

Release the Grip of Doubt in this New Year

We are sure about our faith. We know we love God and that He loves us. We know that Jesus died on the cross and rose again to redeem our sins. But, there are times of anguish, times of fear, pain, hurt, loss, and utter sadness that lead us to ask: “Why, O Lord? And How long, O Lord” Os Guinness in his book “God In The Dark” tries to help us through these inquisitive times with the concept of “Suspended judgment” to help us deal with our doubts.

We may not have called it suspended judgment, but we understand that God is doing something, and trust that He knows us. When we are on the mountaintop and things are going well, we are less likely to doubt God. However, it is when we fail to understand our situations that doubt has the opportunity to creep in. “Suspending judgment” does not mean to stop thinking or to ignore that your situation is really happening. Suspending judgment teaches us to walk by faith in the midst of “Why O Lord? And how long O Lord?”

During our Christian journey we learned the concept through sermons and especially through song. It is the lyrics that have sustained us through the years with words of truth. Lyrics like, “Trouble in my way, I have to cry sometimes. Trouble in my way, I have to cry sometimes. I lay awake at night, but that’s alright; Jesus will fix it after while”.

When using Suspending judgment we understand that we need to choose faith over doubt even if we only have part of the picture: and God has the rest. The scripture teaches us in 1 Corinthians 13:12a(KJV) says, “ For now we see through a glass, darkly; but then face to face.” In this new year, we ask you to set your doubt aside, and hold on to your faith in Jesus, surely He will fix it after a while.


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