How Long Shall We Wait?

How Long Shall We Wait?

Most of us are sitting at home on a warm couch with a glass of soda, perhaps a glass of wine and a slice of delicious chocolate cake binge watching the latest TV shows; or catching up on the ones we missed. There is also a substantial amount of us dealing with uncertainty of where is the next meal coming from and how to pay the bills. But after being at home for six weeks weary of corona virus, we have all asked, “How long shall we wait?”

We honestly do not know the answer to that question, but we can say that now is not the time to faint. We have to stay alert and find our example of how to do this in Christ himself. Looking back, it had been nearly three years and His time had come to fulfill his promise. It was time to die on the cross and then be resurrected on the third day. He told the disciples to come and pray with Him. They approached the Mount of Olive where they usually prayed and He went a little further ahead of them.

We are told that he prayed so hard that his “sweat was like drops of blood” (Luke 22:44 KJV) streaming down His face. It was now time to restore the world and forgive man’s sin. It was a worldwide event that will never happen again. Jesus’ death and resurrection to give us eternal life was near. Yet when Jesus came back from praying the disciples had fallen asleep. “Why are you sleeping?” he asked them. “Get up and pray, so that you will not give in to temptation.”(Luke 22:46 NLT)

How long shall we wait? We sincerely don’t know, but when the world is in crisis we have to pray! We can not slack off because temptation will find us. Right now countries and states are dealing with corona virus and trying to “get back to normal.” Whatever the new normal is going to be for us. Is it time to regather or shall we wait? The answer to that question can literally mean life or death for so many people. We are certainly not at the magnitude of Christ on the cross. He did show us the way out. We must be praying! It is a time of urgency in our world, and we can not be caught sleeping.

Can you see that temptation has found us. People all over the world want to go out while doctors, nurses, fire fighters and all necessary personnel are in battle to save us. Thousands upon thousands of our loved ones have died. The scientists say not just yet, check the data. But, we want to get back to eating out, going to the movies, church in the building, back to school, jobs, see our families and more. How long shall we wait? It has been months. Society is broke and tired. What shall we do? Jesus said pray. In his hardest time Jesus prayed. In His hardest time he told the disciples to pray. Let us as the children of the Lord continue to pray and when the world opens back up, we will have waited long enough!!

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