God’s Messengers

God’s Messengers

As we continue our study in the Old Testament, we see the tragic separation of the Nation of Israel. God spoke to King Solomon and told him that the nation would be torn apart because of Solomon’s worship of idol gods. During this period of separation, God sent prophets to warn the divided nation of Israel. Elijah, Elisha, Amos, and Hosea. These prophets urged Israel to turn away from its sin and turn back to God.

In our own lives, we have strayed from time to time. Are there prophets in your life or your community that encourage you to follow the Lord? Do you have someone in your life that you trust to explain God’s word and God’s message for us today? Would you like help understanding what the Bible is saying to us today?

It may seem that God dealt harshly with the Nation of Israel, but for us, it helps us understand that He has a glorious plan for our lives. God wants the best for us, and He wants us to live obedient lives. In this Christmas season, we celebrate that Jesus came to die for our sins so that we can live in fellowship with Him. No more separation.

Jesus came as a little baby in a manger so that He could one day die on the cross for all of our disobedience, and even the disobedience we read about in the Old Testament. That is because Jesus is our way out from our mistakes and sin. He suffered our consequences on the cross so that we can have fellowship with God.

The lesson we learn from the Old Testament is that we all make mistakes, sometimes serious mistakes. But Jesus came to forgive us and set us free! This Christmas season, accept the gift of God’s forgiveness. You won’t regret it.


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